Why Our Magnetic Cabinet Latches Are the Best

You only need to carry out a quick web search these days to realise there’s no shortage of child safety locks available for the home. Quite to the contrary in fact, there are literally thousands of products doing the rounds from hundreds of manufacturers. But just as is the case with all things, quality differences from one to the next really can be night and day. And given the fact that it is child safety we’re talking about here, it really doesn’t make sense to settle for any other than the very best on the market.

But when comparing child safety locks like for like, what exactly is it that separates market-leaders from lower-end products? Why does it pay to invest in the best, as opposed to cutting corners for lower costs?

Overall Performance

Well, first of all there’s the way in which overall performance and simple reliability come into the equation. After all, there’s no point installing magnetic child safety locks in the first place if they are unable to do their job properly. Unreliable magnets, weak locking mechanisms and so on – all the kinds of issues that could easily see kids gaining access to areas that really should be restricted. The simple fact of the matter is that if you want tried, tested and trustworthy performance, you have to go with the very best in the business.

Large and Durable Sticky Pads

One thing that often separates leading magnetic safety locks from those of a lower quality level is both the size and the durability of the sticky pads included. Quite simply, the smaller and less capable the sticky pad, the more likely it is that the lock will be compromised. If not immediately after application, certainly after a short period of time. The very best magnetic safety locks on the market are supplied with high-end 3M Sticky Pads of a larger size, enabling them to do their job properly long-term.

ON/OFF Switch

For simple convenience and versatility, it is important to note whether the child safety locks you are looking to buy feature an ON/OFF switch. Some do, but many at the lower end of the market do not. These switches…as the name suggests…allow the locks to be switched ON or OFF for a temporary period of time – ideal if for any reason you need to keep going in and out of the cupboard/drawer and would prefer not to have to unlock it every time.

Compatibility with Materials

Last up, while some child safety locks are designed to be used with wooden drawers and panels, others are better suited to plastics. And then there are those that also offer compatibility with metal. However, the very best in the business will be suitable for use with pretty much every standard household material across the board. Not only this, but it should be possible to remove the sticky pads at any time without causing damage or leaving any marks behind, in order to use the lock elsewhere around the home as and when required.

On the whole, the key point to remember is that while all magnetic child safety locks may look very similar, looks can be deceiving – quality counts!