• Child Safety Magnetic Cabinet Locks

    Child Safety Magnetic Cabinet Locks by Azenvita
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Easy to Install, Hidden, Removable and Reusable

These no drill child safety locks are very easy to install with no tools needed – simply stick the lock and latch inside your cabinet or drawer using the adhesive, and you are all set. The adhesive pads on these locks are wider and stronger than in our competitors’ products. Comparing to other child safety locks, our strong magnetic key works well even through thick cabinet and drawer walls. These magnetic locks are hidden once installed and can be removed and put to use elsewhere. Each pack also contains optional screws that can be applied to strengthen the locks’ hold or reapply the lock on a different surface when the adhesive pad is worn off or damaged.

Why Our Magnetic Cabinet Locks Are the Best

Can Be Kept Locked or Unlocked

Use the ON/OFF flip switch on the magnetic cabinet locks to disengage the locks as and when required.

How They Work (No Drill/Screws Needed)

Genius in their simplicity, these innovative magnetic drawer locks have been designed to perform across the home, with no tools or additional supplies required. The locking mechanism is positioned inside the drawer or cabinet, so that the locks close when the drawer/cabinet is closed. Included with each baby safety locks is a magnetic key – simply hold the key in front of the cabinet where the lock is positioned to disengage the locking system.

Best of all, installation of the locks is as simple as sticking the locking mechanism in place, using the supplied 3M Sticky Pads. There’s no need for drilling, no additional tools are required and the bonds created are strong enough to keep even boisterous toddlers out of harm’s way! An additional set of screws is included, allowing the locks to be reused or strengthen the cabinet/drawer hold anywhere and anytime. Download the installation manual.

Child Safety Locks - How They Work

Child Safety Magnetic Cabinet/Drawer Locks

After an extensive research and product development, our locks provide the strongest hold using a 3M adhesive pad as well as allowing to apply the screws (optional) for an extra hold which is something that most of our competitors are missing!

The magnetic locks have been designed to work with all drawers and cabinet doors around the home, preventing babies, toddlers and even large pets from gaining entry. Trust these reliable magnetic cabinet locks to keep your children away from potential dangers including chemicals, cleaning products, sharp objects and more.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Every purchase comes backed by a full 30-day money back guarantee for total peace of mind. No questions asked.

Child Safety Locks
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Magnetic Drawer Locks

No Tools or Screws Needed, Easy Peel & Stick

These innovative magnetic cabinet locks are very easy to install – simply stick the lock
and latch inside your cupboard/drawer/cabinet and you are all set!

Magnetic Child Safety Cabinet Locks