Child Safety Magnetic Cabinet/Drawer Locks

Baby-proofing the home to a certain extent at least isn’t an option. Given the fact that every home contains more than a few items that really must be kept out of reach of kids, it’s pretty much mandatory to implement measures to ensure this happens. The only problem being that the vast majority of everyday storage solutions, fixtures and items of furniture aren’t exactly designed with the wandering hands of kids in mind.

Which is precisely where magnetic child safety locks come into the equation. Incredibly innovative yet beautifully simply devices that have the potential to make safe and secure pretty much anything around the home that needs to stay closed. From drawers to cupboards to sliding panels and all else besides, making the entire home safe and sound for kids of all ages has never been easier.

But given that there are so many different types of standard locks available, exactly what is it about magnetic child safety locks that stands out?

Easy Fitting

Well, first of all there’s the way in which magnetic safety locks from drawers and cupboards are uniquely simple to fit in the first place. In place of the usual screws, nuts, bolts and so on, it’s simply a case of using the 3M Sticky Pad included to set the lock in place. No drilling, no tools required and absolutely no damage to the surface the lock is applied to. In a matter of seconds, any drawer or cupboard door can be locked with outstanding strength and durability.

Total Versatility

Each lock comes with a 3M Sticky Pad that can be used to affix the lock to pretty much any surface whatsoever. By contrast to lower-end sticky pads and locks of a similar nature, these have been designed to go the distance and fix in place with a rock-solid bond. To such an extent that even the most boisterous toddlers will not be able to gain entry without your permission. Where it may be inconvenient or even impossible to fit a conventional lock, a magnetic child safety lock can be put to use in seconds.

Simple to Use

Once installed, the theme of simplicity continues. When the door or drawer is closed, the magnetic fixture automatically locks it closed and prevents entry. In order to open the door, it is simply a case of positioning the magnetic key in front of it, which releases the lock through the closed door and allows entry. If necessary, the lock can be switched to the OFF position at any time, in order to keep the door or drawer unlocked periodically, as and when required. Best of all, one magnetic key can be used to operate multiple locks, all around the home.


Last but not least, another key advantage of these kinds of locks is the way in which they can be reused time and time again, all over the home. Though extremely rugged and reliable, the 3M Sticky Pad has been designed with easy removal in mind, leaving no trace or damage behind. Best of all, additional sticky pads are included with every purchase, in order to allow the locks to be used multiple times, when and where needed.

A simple yet incredibly effective solution to an age-old problem – keeping busy hands and fingers out of harm’s way!