Discover the Latest Innovation in Home Safety That’s Sweeping the Nation

Dallas, TX: March 17, 2017

aZenvita is proud to announce the launch of an all-new drawer and cabinet locking system, designed specially to enhance child and baby safety and security around the home. Having taken into account the flaws and fault of existing locking systems, aZenvita developed a revolutionary lock that is as secure and reliable as it is easy to use.

Compatible with all drawers and cabinets around the home, these incredible magnetic cabinet locks can be purchased right now on for less than $15 with free shipping included as a part of a limited introductory offer.

Performance and Simplicity

“Genius in their simplicity, these innovative magnetic cabinet locks have been designed to perform across the home, with no tools or additional supplies required. The locking mechanism is positioned inside the drawer or cabinet, when the locks close when the drawer/cabinet is closed. Included with each baby safety latch is a special magnetic key – simply hold the key in front of the cabinet where the lock is positioned to disengage the mechanism. Best of all, installation of the locks is as simple as sticking the locking mechanism in place, using the supplied 3M Sticky Pads.”aZenvita

The unique aZenvita takes existing child safety lock standards to a much higher level. Each lock can be installed in seconds with no tools or drilling required, though offers comparable security to a conventional lock secured with screws or bolts. The locks can also be switched on and off for any required period of time for total convenience.

Total Peace of Mind

“After extensive research and product development, it’s been proven that our locks provide the strongest hold using a 3M adhesive pad as well as allowing to apply the screws (optional) for an extra strong hold – something that most of our competitors are missing! For total convenience, the magnetic cabinet locks can be disengaged for longer periods of time as required, simply by using the ON/OFF safety latch on the unit itself. What’s more, every purchase comes backed by a full 30-day money back guarantee for total peace of mind.”aZenvita

Along with outstanding quality and a unique approach to design, each aZenvita also comes with a full money-back guarantee for total peace of mind.

About aZenvita:

aZenvita is a small, family owned business specializing in the design and manufacture of simple yet advanced products for enhanced everyday living. For more information, visit today.